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How to lose weight?

Or what to begin training with?

This 7-minute article will help you lose weight and start exercising the right way.

Hi, Oleksiy Kononov is in touch.

Many friends often ask me how to lose weight. How to pump up muscles? What to begin training with?

Like it or not, Health and Appearance is as an important component of life as your career, money and family. The more I talk to friends of different professions, life views and income levels, the more I understand that happiness is in the balance.

My training experience is about 30 years, gymnasts start early :), and in this article I will share what I consider relevant in the first steps to an athletic body, how to lose weight and start training.
"Start with what you have"
Being an idealist, you could be looking for the best program for a long time that will quickly and without unnecessary gestures lead you to an athletic body, you have fallen into a trap. A marketing story. It is very well suitable for advertisements. It draws your attention, but has nothing to do with the work to complete.

Therefore, it is better to start as early as possible and with what you have. For example, Now. Take a break, stand up and do 10 squats. Have you done? Let’s go ahead!

If you accept that there are no freebies, and you are aware: you must toil it, then it is easier to start acting. We often overestimate the results that can be obtained in a month of training, and greatly underestimate the result of a year of daily morning exercises.

Certainly, I understand your wish to get everything at once, but I am sure: you moved gradually in your profession (whatever it is), step by step, from simple to complex. Overcoming laziness and loss of motivation. Working on your body will be no exception. Be patient, and I will explain what to work on and how.
What to work on?
There are several options for setting a goal, I wrote about it here. One of my favorites is a physical training. This one is called General Physical Training in sports circles. This is the basis, the foundation of a cool and sustainable result.

You can imagine yourself being a hero of a computer game. Playing every day, you upgrade your physical qualities, turn into a Superhero and defeat the Leader. The advantage of this goal setting option is that you kill three birds with one stone:

- become superb functionally
- get more attractive look
- win over laziness.

Now let’s check what physical qualities we have. At the Institute of Physical Education, they explained to me that the main physical qualities are endurance, strength, flexibility, coordination and speed.

The American Fitness Academy NASM added to my list:
Balance – the ability to maintain balance in unpredictable circumstances, to be in harmony with your center of gravity. For example: to stand on one leg without effort.
Stabilization – the ability to compress yourself, turn the body into a solid projectile.

Plus, you will need to upgrade psychological qualities. Build a habit of daily exercise using discipline + having fun.

There is work to be done.
What are we changing and how?
I am a consistent man of principles. I have mastered and been taught this due to the professional sport. Therefore, I usually break my path to the goal into 3 stages: Preparatory, Basic, Competitive. We are talking about the Preparatory training cycle in this article.

The Preparatory training cycle:

  • Goal: Improve Endurance, Balance and Body Stabilization. Remove muscle imbalance. Reduce fat %. Increase muscle mass %.
  • Time of 1 workout: from 30 till 50 minutes.
  • Duration: From 4 weeks.

Let me remind you that General Physical Training is a foundation for super results, so I don’t recommend to go too fast. At this stage, we will “teach” the body to work more efficiently. What do I mean?

If you are out of breath, climbing the stairs to the third floor, and your heart jumps out of your chest, this is not okay. And it’s dangerous to jump sharply to mega-intense workouts under this health condition. Challenge: Change it. So, what are we changing and how?

The heart works as a pump, even after the first training, realizing that regular loads have been launched, it will “train” and give the body large portions of blood with oxygen and useful substances in one bit. The pulse will be stabilizing.

  • How we train: Walking. Jogging. Bicycle. Swimming. Aerobics.
  • Time: From 20 minutes, increasing the dose for each workout.
  • Goal: To train the Heart to work more efficiently.

Arteries, Veins, Capillaries embody our transport system, for a better understanding it can be compared with roads. If you put good cars on bad roads, they won’t go faster. Therefore, feeling the load will trigger active building process in this system. The body will begin to patch up old roads (strengthen the arteries and veins) and build new ones where there have been none before (expand the capillary network). And “cars” with oxygen, water, useful substances, hormones will go faster :) Metabolic processes in the body will accelerate.

  • How we train: Walking. Jogging. Bicycle. Swimming. Aerobics.
  • Time: From 20 minutes, then increasing the dose at each workout.
  • Goal: We accelerate metabolic processes in the body.
"If you put good cars on bad roads, they won’t go faster"
The lungs will add additional ‘fans’ and ‘turbines’. The respiratory rate increases by about 15 times during your training.

Example: I love to play football. However, if I miss games due to touring with Cirque du Soleil for more than 3 months, after the first game I have such a feeling as if I have forgotten how to breathe. My nose is on fire, my chest hurts, and I want to cough up the whole match. What does it mean? In real life, without football (prolonged cardio loads), my lungs work at 20% (I remind you that I am a professional Athlete and train every day). We should learn to Breathe with the whole chest.

  • How we train: Walking. Jogging, Aerobics, Team Outdoor Games will be ideal.
  • Time: From 20 minutes, increasing the dose for each workout.
  • Goal: To improve the ability to consume oxygen.
"Due to developing endurance, there will be changes that will allow you to use energy more efficiently, you will be able to work more without getting tired"
Muscles under load will begin to create additional “factories” for the production of energy Mitochondria. Yes, these are exactly those “factories” that can make Energy from fatty acids.

When muscles do not work, the body closes such factories as unnecessary; if you train, it creates new ones. By the way, this confirms the hypothesis: the more you train, the more energy you gain.

Stronger Muscles = More Power Plants,
More Plants = Less Fat and More Energy,
More Energy = Better Performance in the Workout,
Better performance in training = Stronger Muscles.

Congratulations on your brilliant launch, we’re up and running!

  • How we train: Strength Exercises with Body Weight.
  • Time: From 20 minutes, increasing the dose at each workout.
  • Goal: To improve the ability to generate energy. To lose fat, and gain muscles.
What can you throw further: a stone or a condom filled with water?
Stabilization. It is very important to learn how to clamp your body and become an exercise machine. There is such a thing as non-contact trauma. What’s this?

For example, one made a sudden movement – and got a pinched nerve, or someone is going along the train ride – and your body part is chilled through, this is a non-contact injury, and it has nothing to do with damage or an evil eye.

Stabilization exercises will strengthen the muscles in the center of the body, which will allow you to feel more confident in any movement.

  • How we train: Static Exercises (Plank Modifications).
  • Time: From 30 seconds under load, increasing the dose.
  • Goal: To protect yourself from injury and gain confidence.

Muscle imbalance and flexibility. Professional activity makes impact and adjustments on our body. Thus, for example, if you have a sedentary job, then the leg is fixed in a bent position for 8 hours, i.e. the front surface of the thigh is stretched, and the muscle of the back of the thigh is contracted. Some muscles become shorter, others lengthen.

The leg muscles are attached to the pelvis, and the pelvis is connected to the spine and posture. So, day after day, sitting at your desk, you begin to stoop, your posture changes as well as the basic position of the body.

Flexibility exercises will help correct body distortions that have appeared in the course of professional activities or an improperly organized workplace, they also ensure the increase in the range of motion in the joints. The limits be damned, right?

  • How we train: Stretching.
  • Time: From 30 seconds under load, increasing the dose.
  • Goal: To increase the range of motion in the joints. We protect ourselves from injury.
"If you are eager to change something in your life, change what you do daily"
It is also vital to develop discipline. What insight I have gained: if you want to change something in your life, change what you do every single day.

You need to develop the habit of daily exercise. It is a habit that make the best effect on results. It takes discipline to form a habit. Training is stressful, the brain does not like any stress and will resist, whispering in your ear: “Screw it”.

Discipline is the exact implementation of the rules you have accepted. In our case, it is to go to a training, even when it’s a bummer.

I will share a few secrets that will ensure to strengthen your discipline:

  • Plan – determine how many workouts you will complete in four weeks, make a checklist.
  • Joker – think what the minimum task will look like (use the principle “when you can’t go to the goal, at least lie down in the desired direction”), whatever happens, do the minimum. Maintain the habit.
  • Praise – praise yourself, stay around people who praise, attach pleasure to training, and the brain will be more willing to think about returning
  • Environment – surround yourself with like-minded people who will support you and will not let you go astray, this can be achieved in Kononov Chat
  • Commitment. Take a coach, buy a training program, take a bet on money, show up at a competition, post on social media networks that you will train every day for 15 minutes at least. And it’s better all at once :)
Discipline will form a habit, the habit will form quantity, and quantity will provide for quality. Health. Athletic body. Energy.

  • Goal: To instill the Habit of Daily Exercise
  • How to do: Coach. Training program. Environment.
  • Time: 15 minutes per day minimum
It goes without saying, that good physical shape and a healthy body are just as important as money, career, and family. Don’t skip workouts. You have everything to get started, just do it. Now it's time to act. Get up and do 10 extra squats :)

If you liked the article, please, share. If you have any questions – feel free to write, I’m there. Good luck! And remember: you can always do more.
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