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45 countries in 4 years or is there life after sports?
Spotlights, 12 meters above the ground, Montreal. 5000 people are looking at me
with delight, they do not speak any Russian, but they do understand everything very
well! They don't even know that 9 months ago I was sitting on a chair in a small
apartment peeling potatoes ...
Hi, buddies! My name is Aleksey Kononov, and I am happy to welcome you to my

At the very beginning of this blog post I mentioned that I am "an expert in the issue
of sports thinking formation" Why do people call me like that?

More than 25 years ago I started my sports career. I major in gymnastics which is
definitely not an easy sport to go in for!

To become an athletic champion (in Ukraine, for instance, we mean here the title of
"Master of Sports") in gymnastics, one needs to spend at least 10 years and start
training no later than being six years old. As for me, I have fulfilled all the criteria.
During this period of time, definitely not short, I must admit, I managed to become:

  • Master of Sports, Champion of the State and International Tournaments;
  • Member of the national team of Ukraine, having a perfect opportunity to train the best team ever!
This experience made it possible to explore and feel the capabilities of my own
body, which helped me achieve success in the next stage of life.
The next stage of my life was related to fitness, in which I had been engaged for more
than 10 years, and which will always remain one of the most crucial activities in my
life. Fitness taught me to love my body and take good care of my health. At my
classes I saw how fitness could motivate people and fill them with energy and
enthusiasm, making them happy. During this period I supported and helped:

• More than 1000 customers to improve their quality of life;
• More than 500 coaches to improve their training techniques;
• More than 10 fitness clubs to improve their service and increase the revenue.

I also became a methodologist at the Fitness Academy of Ukraine, which is
considered to be the best educational services provider in the Ukrainian fitness
market. Moreover, I'm also one of the founders of the School of Management.
Motivation Night: Sport Edition в Fedoriv Hub
And another important step in my life is working at Cirque Du Soleil. This is the
number 1 company in the world in the field of entertainment. Being a circus athlete is
one of the directions for the Gymnast to realize their skills.
And being a Cirque Du Soleil Actor is a dream. To get into this team one needs to be
a Top Level athlete, be able to overcome their fears and complexes, be prepared for

  • As a member of Cirque Du Soleil Team, I have visited more than 45 countries around
    the world. This has completely reversed my worldview.
  • Performing on the same stage with the top circus athletes, I realized how important
    the emotion was and how to express it with one precise movement.
  • Moreover, working at the company from the Blue Ocean Strategy book, I was lucky
    to observe with my own eyes how the craziest ideas were being implemented. This
    has greatly influenced my business education.
I also experienced a small force majeure (namely, the well-known events in Donetsk,
Ukraine in 2014), which helped me change my world view and look at life from a
different angle. Frankly speaking, I don't like this topic and I'm definitely not going
to touch on it in this blog post.

I think I have always considered myself to be a Student, regularly investing money
and efforts in my education. However, over the years I have managed to develop
those competencies of mine that can help anyone avoid mistakes and initially build
their training process correctly and systematically. This will allow one to minimize
their being dependent on lucky or favourable circumstances and turn success
achievement into a pattern.

Analyzing my life, I realized that all my experience has been connected with two
things – physical exercises/activities and motivation. This has obviously formed the
basic part of my mission – to help people in the formation of sports thinking in order
to achieve goals in Fitness, Business and Life.
This blog was created for me to share with you my knowledge and ideas on how to
achieve goals, improve the quality of your lifestyle creating a cool and extremely
positive and successful model of it!
Oleksiy Kononov
Artist Cirque Du Soleil | Professional Athlete
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Set Crazy Goals, Practice Smart. Turn yourself into a Superman.

I believe in you and I know you can do more.
With all my respect,
Alexey Kononov