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Continuous sequence

This 5-minute article will help you achieve your goal
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When Elon Musk was asked how he simultaneously makes electric vehicles, solar panels and launches rockets, he replied: “Certainly, I can’t embrace all the processes and subtleties, but it’s enough to understand the principles of operation for a good result.”

This thought prompted me to make a series of articles in which I will share my principles of physical development. These principles will help you be in good shape. They help find a source of motivation. They help maintain and improve health.
Is it topical? Then let’s move ahead.
Principle 1️⃣ Continuous sequence
Do not procrastinate, just do. A little bit, step by step, but every day. Smooth means fast.
YouTube is full of quick fix videos, e.g. how to do a handstand in 5 minutes. The videos are of such great quality that after watching it you get the impression in your head that you have already acquired the skills. You get up from the couch, you try it in reality, you fall. You return to the sofa. “You chill out”.

I don’t believe in the power of hints. I don’t believe in quick fixes. Why?
I am convinced that teaching is easier than doing.

I realized that when my coach, in fits of rage, shouted tips to me across the whole hall. And then I shouted the same, working as a coach.
When at Cirque du Soleil I could explain to anyone, even myself, how to catch properly, but I couldn’t perform it during the show.

When I was learning anatomy during 10 years, proofreading dozens of books, sorting out my cases of injuries and operations. As well as when teaching fitness trainers, I repeated: “Come on, guys, these are elementary things”.
When, playing football, they shouted to me “hit more precisely”, and then I shouted the same. Well, it goes without saying, when I became a father and taught my daughter not to cry, and I myself learned not to shout anymore.

According to my friend Denis Tolstov, Cirque du Soleil artist who changed his profession during the pandemic and became a Boeing pilot:
“You can’t teach; you can learn”.
If the hints worked, everyone would be healthy, rich and famous. There are more people who are ready to give advice and know everything than those who are ready to carry it out.

In addition, the Internet has made information publicly available. Everyone can find the secret circuit on the net within two clicks. However, there is a problem: the Internet still cannot take the necessary actions for us.
“Only the one who acts truly develops”
The thing that I understood: the brain and consciousness are different. The brain is your entire base of knowledge and experience, like the whole Google. Consciousness is a highlighted topic for a second, like the first line of the issue.

The results of the research by Benjamin Libet in the 1970s showed that the brain makes a decision before a person is aware of the result of his / her choice. We make decisions unconsciously.

Solution ➡️ Second ➡️ Awareness.

It grabbed my attention for the first time when I learned to catch at Cirque du Soleil. What I mean, see here.

Time slows down in a stressful situation at a height of 12 meters. All unnecessary sounds are muted. You are left on your own. I share the chronology of my internal dialogue during the performance:
Lesha, do you know exactly what to fix? – Yes, I do.
Lesha, do you know exactly how to do it? – Yes, I do.
Hands, get ready!

The moment of truth, the partner takes off for the trick….
Lesha, we are working ...
Fuck. Fuck. Fuuuuuuuu...

Next microimage. I see how the partner flies on the net, and I understand that I have repeated the mistake.

A flashback, please!
Where, the hell, is this most important piece of film? Why have I made the same mistake? At critical moments, it is clearly seen how the consciousness does not have time to realize, and the brain will repeat the algorithm of actions combined in it.

I was completely heartbroken after such shows. After all, I knew exactly what to do.
I’m glad that curiosity persisted :) As if: “How does this crap work anyway?” Curiosity encouraged to find a solution.
Do NOT train the mind, but the brain.
Do NOT use words, but lead-up exercises.
What I acquired in practice: each attempt gives the brain 100,500 times more information than any clue. The brain, like a mega computer, collects “gigabytes” of data through a huge network of receptors: where the body is in space, the force of finger pressure, body temperature, leg swing speed, breathing rate and much more.

The data are stored, processed in the course, and give a decision on how to make the next move more efficient, with less energy consumption. When a critical mass of similar data is collected, the desired skill is created.
The movement, I wanted to make, performs automatically now.
1 approach is more valuable than 1000 words.
1 attempt is worth more than 1000 hints.
1 completed introductory exercise gives more information than the whole day on YouTube.

Words to hell. Do you want to take one step closer to the result? Take an action!
There is a certain gap between the words “how to do” and attempts to do it.
What will help: use a training program for at least 21 days, with the maximum number of lead-up exercises. Every exercise will strengthen your body, enhance your physical qualities, and improve your technique.

This program will provide you with a continuous chain of small victories. Each victory will increase positive emotions and release energy for the next workout. This will make progress towards the goal smoother.
Amateur gymnastics training is similar to sex: to get maximum pleasure, you don’t need to watch, you need to practice.
Focus on the action: start practicing.
Taste each exercise. Whatever you like, take it.
You say, what if it doesn’t work? If got stuck? If in a lazy mood? If not ready?
Think about any of your hobbies, projects. You must have gone through the following steps:

⬇️ This is the best idea, the best decision in my life
⬇️ So, it is harder than I’ve thought
⬇️ I’m gonna have a tough time on the way
⬇️ It doesn’t come out good at all, it is dull to do
⏯ Full Bottom-m-m
▶️ It would be nice to end this trash soon
✅ Completed! It turned out so-so, but better than I expected

This article flows after the same scenario :)
It will be 100% hard sometimes.
It is a 100% possibility that some exercise will not hook you.
It is a 100% possibility that unforeseen circumstances will show up and distract from training.

This is fine.
Move a little bit. From simple to complex.
In 1911, two teams of explorers decided to conquer the South Pole.

The thickness of the ice in the area of the South Pole is 2810 meters. The average annual air temperature is −48.9 °C.

So, one team from Great Britain was led by Robert Scott, brave and determined.
The second team from Norway was headed by Raul Amundsen, experienced and cheerful.

Scott and Raul started one day apart. They had to cover a distance of 1,500 miles under the most difficult conditions. They proceeded the same route, but they chose different approaches to overcome that challenge.

Scott and his team aimed at covering as many miles as possible at once under the favorable weather. They rest only when it was extremely freezing.

Raul and his team made the decision to cover only 15 miles in spite of the weather. Even when they were only 65 miles from the goal, the weather was sunny and calm, they continued to move at their own pace.

On December 14, 1911, Raul achieved the South Pole with his team. They were the first people to set foot on that land. More than that, all of them returned safely.

Scott and his team were the second to come to the South Pole. They covered the same distance with the delay in (attention!) 34 days. They were exhausted. 5 people died, unable to withstand the test.

Conclusion: the steady and sustained pace helped Raul’s team achieve the goal and save lives.

In my sports career, I was in Scott’s shoes when I tore my knee (luckily, it wasn’t the b@tt end). I was in Raul’s shoes as well when it concerned the recovery process. Do you know what I have realized? Raul’s approach is more to my liking.
Slow means smooth. Smooth means fast.
What was my insight: painstaking and “tearing the butt”, overcoming a large difference in complexity is not effective. To train twice a week, scaring the crap out of me, is not effective.

I prefer to move a little, but every day. From simple to complex. Due to the power of small, understandable changes.

Got stuck? Can’t you do the exercise?
1️⃣ Break a complex element into 10 simple, preparatory ones.
There are thousands of lead-up exercises in gymnastics for any level of difficulty.
I wrote about it here. Don’t you know where to look for? See my Instagram. Keep moving ahead.

2️⃣ Take your time. Repeat the training session.
You will gain more experience by repeating the same exercises for several days running. Even if it seems to you that you are marking time, the brain is actively learning, it crystallizes the technique. What is crucial: keep moving.

Feeling fatigued? Have any unforeseen events piled up?

I know. It happens. For example, last night in Ukraine, in Lviv, there were 3 air raid alerts. Sleep time was shorter. The dream was superficial + psychological pressure.

3️⃣ Use the plan of minimum
Just do your warming-up. Move 10 minutes in pleasure. Such a mini-training, as saving in computer games, will help to fix the accumulated progress. The most relevant is that it will support the habit of daily training. What is crucial: keep moving.

4️⃣ Take a preparatory program.
Yes, you may appear to have overestimated your strength. Rarely, but it happens. In this case, I use the program of one level easier. Such a program will facilitate to strengthen the weaknesses and prepare for the re-entry into the circle. What is crucial: keep moving.

5️⃣ Use recreation – a change of activity. Leisure time.
Use the allocated time for training with less usual activities, e.g. badminton, swimming, ping-pong, football, kayak, walking, etc. Magic will happen during outdoor activities, the brain will digest previous experiences, form new neural connections – and your coordination will improve. Muscles will be filled with energy for a second attempt, and everything will work out on the next workout. What is crucial: keep moving.

Change the approach to achieving the goal, but not the goal itself.
#️⃣ Summary
I believe that physical development, health care is a lifelong project. It is important to stay in the game as long as possible instead of a one-time, quick victory. 90% of success is hidden in just showing up for a workout. Use this idea.
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