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How to Tape Your Knee?

This is a 5-minute article about my experience of using tape in training and performances.
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This article will continue sharing the results of knee recovery after an injury – rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). This is my third article in a series.
Find out more about trauma here.
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Especially today I will touch on the topic of Taping. I will answer the following questions:
  • What is Taping and how is this tool used by Gymnasts?
  • Is it worth using?
  • Why haven’t I used it before?
  • How to apply?
In general, all my considerations on this matter are revealed in the paper.
What is Taping?
Taping in sports is mostly an additional strengthening of the joint with special plasters (taps), which help the muscles and ligaments endure extreme loads. They can also relieve pain, sometimes used for muscle imbalances.

Tapes, plasters, elastic bandages are in any gymnast’s backpack. I’ve been using them all since childhood, however, in a simplified form, basically rewinding the hands, ankles, fingers.
Is it worth using?
I got to know the advanced taping in 2011, when I had already been working as a catcher in Alegria Cirque du Soleil.

A more experienced colleague showed up and clarified that the body experiences not loads, but overloads in our case (like astronauts at entering orbit :) And this must be taken into account and treated with respect.

I doubt if knees are created in order to hang on them upside down at a height of 12 meters and catch guys with the weight of 65 kilograms.

Tape, as part of the astronaut’s protective suit, will help relieve a few percent of the load in stressful situations, perhaps these percentages will keep Health at a critical moment. I followed the advice. Hence, I continued working only with taping.

Nevertheless, I have undergone a few annoying points:

  1. It took at least 15 minutes of time (x2, since there are two shows a day);
  2. Removing the Tape, you experience depilation. It’s unbearably awesome pain. Girls, I don’t envy you at all!
5 Steps to Tape Your Knee
by oleksiy_kononov
Why haven’t I used it before?
I returned (after a 4-year break) to work as a Catcher in 2018, since that moment I haven’t taped my legs. I didn’t find the very bandages with which I had worked earlier, in the physio department, and I was reluctant to get used to the new ones, I lost the bet :) I thought that I was a tough guy, and that would work anyway. Yeah, a big shot. However, it didn’t work.

I was taught a valuable lesson. The technique allowed me to catch a difficult trick, but the knee broke off :)
How to tape the knee?
You will need a basic knowledge of anatomy for tapping the problem area well. It is necessary to understand the attachment of the muscles and ligaments that you want to help. The body is very smart. I am convinced that everything by default is created very thoughtfully. Therefore, I simply duplicate the existing muscles with tape. As if tuning them, adding strength.

If you lack knowledge, look for a specialist. If you want to figure it out, click here.
I learned my lesson, I began to tape both legs. Now I spend 30 minutes a day with pleasure, and I had to shave my legs. I feel in my bones, my knees will thank me.

Just for the sake of Beauty and Farce, I don’t recommend winding, it’s expensive and prevents you from becoming stronger.

Being a professional athlete, work with peak loads; auxiliary tools (Taps) should be in your backpack. Tape and get tuning :)

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