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How I tore my ACL

A 10-minute article in which I will share my experience of recovering from a knee injury.
The impossible is possible, or how to convince Dr. Morelli of a spare ligament
Hi, Sportie.

This article is a special on, here I will unveil the most secret, My fear.

What for? Perhaps, for getting support, perhaps, for speaking out and feeling easier, well, but rather to declare an important goal, saying which loud I will not dare to step back. I will share as with a friend in a sincere chat in the kitchen. I’ll try to avoid dramatic twists. Since I’ve already contended for recovery.
"The brain has made the right decision, the body responded with virtuoso precise movements"
So, more than two weeks ago, under the spotlight, dissolving in the applause of the audience, I was getting high on life while doing the High-Bar circus ‘air’ trick, which has no analogues in the world, in the legendary production of the Cirque Du Soleil #Alegria.

Performing the final trick with incredible amplitude, we joined hands with a partner, creating the perfect line. Things went smooth as if according to the ‘textbook’, the brain made the right decision, the body responded with virtuoso precise movements. I felt I was doing everything well from the technical aspect, the fall was excluded, we were moving gently into the hang.
At some point, my knee clicked and ‘played’, I lost my footing and ended up in a state where time stopped...
We got out of the situation amazingly and finished the trick. Further the guys kept on performing the number without me. At that moment, I hobbled to the backstage exactly into the hands of the physiotherapist Nathalie.

A powerful shock occurred to me, I have not experienced stronger emotions before, although, of course, injuries are common for a professional athlete. I felt like I had lost my footing and control. The feeling, I believe, is comparable to the loss of a wheel in a sports car at a speed of 200 km / h.

The situation was fueled by the fact that I was absolutely confident in me, the technique, and the body. The click sounded like a shot in the back. Overwhelming impressions, awesome! That’s absolutely bang on.
"Can we get upset at all when shocked?!"
After examining the knee, the physiotherapist reassured that everything was not so bad, and I should not be upset. Here I thought: «…can I get upset at all when in Shock?»

Yes, the knee got swollen, inflammation was visible, a small bruise began to appear. Nevertheless, all these consequences resembled childish pranks.

I applied ice (this is the first thing to do in case of any injury), calmly limped home, strongly refused to use crutches.
Canada | Montreal | Old Port | 2019
The following day, the outside of the knee looked just as good as before (within that situation), and I went to the doctor in the elated mood.
The doctors I met in Canada are the heroes of Hollywood Movies. Tall, with the athletic build and gray hair hinting at experience, glasses highlight intelligence. A smile that gives you confidence that everything will be superb. A dressing gown is casually put on, and he tells about being totally busy and an active life position.

Dr. Morelli conducted tests by twisting my leg at different angles, mentally trying to look inside the joint, putting my knee stabilizing function under serious doubt.

As part of my training “Body – Instructions for Use”, I showed many times how to test the knee.

After completing the examination, the Doctor supported my positive attitude. Having stated the fact that the healthy left knee passed the tests worse than the right one.
He mentioned that he did not share my fear. But just in case, he provided me with a referral for an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Advanced X-ray).
Receiving so joyful news, I left the doctor being on cloud nine.
I went to the show in a day to do the cue (to play a supporting role on the stage). I did an MRI the following day, and I got the results soon, which showed that I had a torn of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

There are four ligaments at the deepest level in the knee, two internal cruciate (keep the knee from moving forward / backward) and two lateral (keep the knee from moving to the side).

Buuuu-t I knew that in addition to the main ones, there are also many small ligaments + articular bag + muscles, they all hold the joint. The stronger the muscles, the more reliable the joint.

However, the information dawned on me, made me appalled. I took a break... ... ...
Should the ligament be restored surgically, this takes 6-8 months.
"6-8 months without a stage, without applause, without adrenaline is Total Darkness for me..."
I felt great even under these scenarios, I could walk, almost run, and I was striving for a quick recovery.

In general, I was rather lost, sat down and began to stare at one point. This is not typical for me at all.
The most interesting thing is that physically nothing has changed, I just got information (an MRI report), not knowing about which I could almost flutter like a butterfly.

Two days later, when the focus was restored, I got to the doctor again, the right sports doctor.

Mr. Derek understood what I live for, what I love.
The battle was waiting for me:
Re-test inspection and common sense
MRI conclusion and stereotypes.
Doctor’s opinion:
The common sense took over. The knee remains stable; recovery is held without surgery.

The tasks imply:
  • Relieving inflammation.
  • Removing a deep bruise on the bone.
  • Maintaining the mobility and activity of the muscles in the passive phase of recovery.
  • Increasing muscles mass, improving stabilizing functions, enhancing strength in the active phase of recovery.
"The task is clear; I dive into the implementation. I start to train and become stronger than yesterday"
I got back to the gym, developed a program with the participation of a doctor and a physiotherapist, the work was in full swing.

The purpose (supported by the Public Statement):
Back to work in 4 weeks. No retreats, only forward. I will become stronger than I am now. I’ll return to work soon.

I will share the results of the recovery process in Instagram stories, articles and videos. I am sure it will be useful for professional athletes, smart fitness trainers, massage therapists, and rehabilitation specialists.

I rely on your support.
That’s all, it’s time to rush to the gym ‘to turn up the heat’. If you liked the article, please share. Have a question – write a comment or in a personal.

Have a really nice day! Keep in touch... And remember: You can always do more.
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