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How to set a goal in training?

To feel happy, you need to define the criteria of happiness as accurately as possible.
To feel happy, you need to understand the Criteria by which you will measure your happiness, and do it as accurately as possible. This is true for any area of life.
Let’s take Sports. If you do not have a specific Goal, then you do not need any training program. Involve yourself in your favorite activity just for pleasure, without expectation of great results. However, if you are an ambitious person and want to make a breakthrough, then you cannot do without a Goal and a Program.
I have divided my goal setting into three levels. Each level is relevant and will find its adherents.
Level 1: Your Look.
Having spent most of my life in fitness clubs, I clearly understand that one of the biggest incentives for exercising is a sporty, attractive appearance.

It was hard for me, as a person from the Gymnastics hall, to accept this demand for some time. A professional Gymnast works primarily for the development of physical qualities and mastering the technique of performing Cool elements. The appearance is a lovely Bonus, which pleases parents and their friends until the age of 14, and later – the Girls on the beach.

For me, Training for the sake of a sporty look is still like tuning a Zhigul. Lots of noise, a red sports steering wheel, a light green spoiler and a bucket-sized exhaust pipe. But in fact the car does not go and does not slow down.

There is a request, therefore, there must be a solution.

In case your goal is to improve appearance, I recommend to use a smart scale or clipper to set the Goal. Assess exactly 3 important indicators before starting a training cycle: body mass index, % fat and % muscle mass. These numbers will become your starting point, and you can use them to measure the effectiveness of your training program.
Training for the sake of a sporty look is still like tuning a Zhigul.
Level 2: Optimal development of physical qualities.
This is the best fitness level, and the key word here would be OPTIMAL. No kinks, it’s balanced and enjoyable.
5 main physical qualities:

  • Endurance;
  • Flexibility;
  • Strength;
  • Speed;
  • Agility.
Pumping each of these qualities, like in a computer game, we turn into superheroes. To assess the optimal development of physical qualities, you can use the standards, which are very numerous on the Internet, for example, Contrex, Fitness Evaluation, Harvard Tests.

I offer my options:

  • Endurance: Cooper’s 12-minute cycling test > number of meters |km| covered in 12 minutes.
  • Strength: single-leg squat, push-ups, pull-ups > count.
  • Speed: 100m sprint > time.
  • Agility and Balance: One-legged stance with eyes closed > time
  • Flexibility: split > distance to the floor.
What is important: you will change in appearance by developing physical qualities. This way you kill two birds with one stone.
Level 3: Sports Variant.
Pick out any option and start training today.
This one is my favorite. Why do we all love sports so much? EMOTIONS raging on the competitive sports grounds. Emotions move us forward, give us wings, give us energy, so why not to use them for our advantage.
How to set sports goals?

Compete! There are a huge number of amateur competitions in almost any sport. I like playing football, friends play basketball and tennis in my environment, go in for Judo, run marathons and perform at IronMan. I am sure there are enough sports fans among your acquaintances. Look for sparring partners or compete against yourself every day, raising your personal bar a couple of centimeters higher.

Due to setting sports goals for yourself, you will get emotions, develop your physical qualities and look great – 3 in 1. Just do not forget to treat your health and daily organization like professional athletes. I will prepare a separate article about this. Follow the rules of the sport you choose and become the best in it.

Pick out any option and start training today.
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