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Gymnastics vs Fitness

8 benefits of amateur gymnastics, or where to find motivation for sports.
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This short article will help you find motivation for training. It will open up new opportunities for development. Is it topical for you? Then let’s go.
I see there is a stereotype about gymnastics, say, it is very difficult. Some crazy tricks are available only for professional athletes. And for a guy or girl with an “office” lifestyle, this is just a show. Something like this: you can look, fantasize, but don’t dare to go on the “stage”.

I am deeply sure about the opposite. Here, in this 5-minute article, I will share my thoughts why gymnastics suits you. And perhaps this is exactly what you have been looking for.
❕An article is for you if you like watching videos with gymnastic tricks, but you are afraid to do them yourself.
  • Do you have an important, but routine job?
  • Do you feel lack of emotions, zeal in life?
  • Are you bored of monotonous workouts?
I see your point. Let me draw your attention to amateur gymnastics.
1️⃣ Gymnastics means emotions
Emotions are at every turn in gymnastics. What I have learned: getting new experiences is gripping. If you have coped with something new, there is delight, pleasure, and pride. If not, there comes disappointment.

Development in gymnastics is built on the principle of modifying exercises from simple to complex. For example, can you make a plank? And the bar on the upland? What about standing on one leg? No doubts, you can. So, a few more steps – and you will imperceptibly find yourself in a handstand. And this idea brings you delight, pleasure, pride.
“Emotions are everywhere in gymnastics”
You may ask, what if it doesn’t work?
Gymnastics originated in Greece before our era. Fortunately for us, gymnasts have managed to come up with 100,500 thousand elements within 2000 years. Therefore, you can always choose an exercise according to your strength, which will help you bypass the deadlock. And then, you know, you get delight, pleasure, and pride :)

What remarkable is that the depth of gymnastics will not allow you to run into a glass ceiling or get bored.
2️⃣ Gymnastics means adrenaline
Did you see on YouTube how a wheel is made?
Have you ever dreamed of doing a handstand?
You think: “Doing a stand is cool, but so scary.” I see.

Here’s what I think: fear creates adrenaline, and adrenaline makes us stronger. The main thing here is to choose the right dosage.

There are vaccines against fear in gymnastics, i.e. lead-up exercises. For example, our challenge for a handstand contains more than 100 leading exercises. All exercises are original, they will be new to you, and the everything new beckons, you know.
The exercises are given in strict sequence according to the principle from simple to complex. So, there is a new challenge every day. You process a small dose of fear and become psychologically stronger from day to day, more stable, more self-confident.

When it’s time for the “scary” stance, you do it effortlessly. Throwing your hands up, you scream in full voice: “I did it!” Well done )

There is another important point that you will not immediately notice. Confidence after a gymnastics workout extends to all areas of life, significantly improving results in them.
3️⃣ Gymnastics is fun
How many times have you given up trainings just because you got bored of repeating the same thing?

I don’t believe you’re a lazy ass, it’s just how the brain works. To maintain interest, you need variety, intrigue.

Take classic strength training at the gym. As a rule, the movement is limited due to the training machine there. The exercise is constantly repeated; progress comes through an increase in weight or number of repetitions. If it suits your temperament, it’s great. If you need more colors and shades, try gymnastics.
Gymnastics is full of fun. There are 6 training shells and 100500 exercises on each. A million of options and combinations.

We even offer splits in 21 days challenge, more than 70 different exercises. Each workout, on the one hand, is a unique playlist, which gives intrigue; on the other hand, it is a logical continuation of the previous day, which gives a simple understandable fun development algorithm.
4️⃣ Gymnastics is a gambling activity
The goal in gymnastics is to make an element, become a little better than before, in the previous approach. There is you and a personal challenge.

Approaches turn into mini competitions. You feel a pleasant excitement, lightness in your hands. Excitement speeds up breathing, and we stretch a smile on our lips. Squinting your eyes, you say “I’ll do it ...”
“You need some variety and intrigue to maintain interest”
There is only you and the element, and let the whole world wait. Instead of 2-3 planned approaches, you do 7-10.

Here it is, the internal motivation, the engine of the training process, the fuel for personal development.

Since you are competing with yourself, it is utterly environmentally friendly for your psychology as well.
5️⃣ Gymnastics is a personal responsibility
Let’s take another example. That’s it, you’ve made the decision to do sports. You start thinking: “How far is the gym, how much is the subscription, have you got any sportswear?”
The questions are all right, but you may lose the main thing – the desire to train, while thinking over those points.

For amateur gymnastics, you do not need a gym, special equipment, or expensive sneakers. Train even in panties, even in the bedroom near the bed.
A reminder: the Greeks did gymnastics even before our era, possibly without panties. Therefore, for a start, you will have enough space of 2x2 meters, a rug, a chair, and a wall. I am sure, looking around, you will find this simple equipment.

Your own body is the trainer. The hall is your room. If you need spectators, turn on Monatik’s concert at the Olympic Stadium on YouTube – and go ahead.

If you are eager to try something new, go to the yard. I am sure that there is a street sports ground with horizontal bars and pull-up bars within walking distance from you. You will have one set of elements at home, and new opportunities will open up on the site.

Does your city have a gym? Consider that you have the whole universe at your disposal. This gives endless possibilities.

You can pick out exercises from my videos on Instagram and YouTube. Gymnastics is inexhaustible in a number of elements. There are exercises for any situation and level of difficulty.

“Train even in panties, in the bedroom near the bed”
I personally do gymnastic exercises at home every day. I go to the playground three times a week. Once a week – in the gymnast hall.

Summary: you can enjoy great fun at home.

One more thing: gymnastics helps to take responsibility. Since it’s hard to find excuses. There is simply no one to complain about.

  • Rival – Your laziness
  • Hall – Your room
  • Training shell – Your body
  • Clothing – Your choice

Completely everything is within your zone of influence. Do you want to do gymnastics? Superb! Just do it.
6️⃣ Gymnastics: you have the power for it
You say: “What if I’m not ready physically?”
Good point. Let’s look at it from another angle.

A child is born. First, he / she learns to hold the head, then to sit, crawl. Afterwards the baby learns to walk, run and jump. Later – do somersault. And somersaults are already gymnastics.

Amateur gymnastics is a natural, safe, harmonious continuation of our development. So, I will say this:
“If you have a body, you are already a gymnast”.
Can you tilt? Do plank? Squat? Great, you can start. It is not so important what you can do today, it is important what you want to learn tomorrow. Gymnastics is about moving towards the best version of yourself, about the future, and development.

It is also crucial to understand that the goal of amateur gymnastics is getting pleasure. Therefore, all the limits and standards – to hell with all that. The evaluation of the “judges” – to hell with that. Literacy – to hell with that.

Just say YES to yourself. I want to practice. Start training and savor the feeling of mastering your body.
The secret is that you will develop all the physical qualities, while mastering a new element, such as a handstand. The body will become more athletic and incredibly sexy.

If you have already been physically fit, you will cope with the element much faster. If this is your first experience, it will take more time. The magic is that no matter what level you have, you will still move one step further in your development. You will strengthen your core, shoulders, and hands. You get cool and tough.

We often overestimate what we can get in a week, and we underestimate what we can get in a year.

Amateur gymnastics is great for building a habit of daily exercise, which will have a key positive impact on your quality of life.
7️⃣ Gymnastics means to hear yourself
Having a sedentary and mostly intellectual work, you are very likely to spoil the relationship with your body.

What I drive at: by nature, we are given a set of various movements in the joints. For example, the back can bend, bend, twist. Hands, feet do the same.

If the job is sedentary, and you stop using your abilities, they disappear. What we don’t use, we lose. For example, there is pain when you bend over. Despite this fact, you still try to do the movement less – and here you fall into a trap. You begin to gently stand up and sit down. Running and jumping generally seem like an unrealistic challenge. Function has been lost. Here comes a limited life.

The same concerns endurance, coordination and other physical qualities.
«Gymnastics brings back the lost contact with the body. It maintains and increases your physical qualities»
To avoid this, it is important to involve all joints into the maximum possible range of motion during training. Gymnastics is perfect at tackling this problem.

A year ago, after a sudden pause in my sports career, I decided to become an IT specialist :)

I quitted exercising and was sitting at the computer during 8-10 hours a day. This experiment resulted in lots of tears and pain, I wrote more about it here.

I have made up my mind to do gymnastic exercises gymnastic exercises daily after that experience. While exercising, I carefully listen to my body. For example: if I feel my leg is unbendable today, I will devote more time to it. This helps to “manage” muscle balance, avoiding non-contact injuries, a kind of “catching a chill”.
And here you need to remember the 5️⃣ point. There is no need to look for a special environment for any training. Start with what you have. Do your best. Praise yourself for what you are doing. Enjoy!

You will get to know your body better with every movement. For example: you find out that you can balance well, or that your back is no longer “unbending” because of sedentary work.

When you find your strengths, enjoy. When you find weaknesses, develop. Since lifestyle changes over the years, this process will always remain relevant. For me, health is a priority project for life.
8️⃣ Gymnastics revives
Another good news for people of intellectual labor: gymnastics is great for unloading the brain.

I started to use my head a little more actively so far. Do you see? I even write articles :) Now I know how difficult it is to stop the flow of thoughts when you work with your head. The brain goes on working hard, the pupils are running, even when you close your eyes and try to fall asleep.

This intensive mental work quickly burns out the thought fuel, and turns the creative me into a vegetable, mindlessly scrolling through Instagram.
"It is not only about forgetting about the problems; you even forget that you wanted to urinate"
While doing gymnastics, it is impossible to think simultaneously about problems and how not to fall off the rack. Making a new element, adrenaline takes over, and you quickly find yourself in the world of here and now. You fully concentrate on your movements.

We do new things in training all the time. It’s a total exit from the comfort zone. The brain switches to body control mode. It is not only about forgetting about the problems; you even forget that you wanted to urinate.

100% focus and dedication. You will leave the training physically exhausted, but with a serene head.
#️⃣ Summary
I am 36 today. I do amateur gymnastics. I’m happy.
Would you like to join? Take an action. Then you know what will happen – delight, pleasure, and pride :)
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