Make back healthy again in just 21 days with the guidance of a Cirque de Soleil artist
HEALTHY BACK CHALLENGE is a balanced 21-day program for anyone wanting to relieve back pain.

Goal: relieve back pain (prevent)

Level: for all age groups & fitness levels
Start: Today

This program will help you to:

✅ Relieve low back pain

✅ To bring back all kinds of movements, the pleasure of long walks, football, playing with kids

✅ Decompressing the spine
✅ Unlocking your muscles & increasing your range of motion
✅ Being able to move, stand up straight and breathe more easily
✅ Create a daily exercise habit

▶️ 21 practical session
▶️ 100+ explanation videos
▶️ Live Feedback
▶️ Winner's Certificate
▶️ Lifetime Access


⚪ Actually, we did it for us :)

⚪ Who is at the computer for more than 4 hours a day

⚪ Teenagers

⚪ Athletes in the past

⚪ Drivers

⚪ Beauty industry workers

⚪ Mothers on maternity leave


Product from Ukraine

Your purchases will support us during the war

What is the difference between the Healthy Back, Back Mobility, Good Posture Challenge?

Lower back pain?

Can't lace up your shoes? Are the injections no longer helping? Buttocks grow numb? Can't walk for a long time? Waking up in pain at night?

Are you slouching?

Feeling like a nail between your shoulder blades? Neck wedge? Can't you raise your hand? Fingers go numb? The pills don't work?

Sit at the computer a lot?

Are Headache constantly? No energy? Vision loss? Bad dream? Can't straighten up in the morning? Can you feel life slowing down?

Your motivation extremely decreases?
Can't find a powerful push (inspiration) to get started? No active environment? No support?
Oleksiy kononov
We understand you and ready to help
After completing the GOOD POSTURE CHALLENGE,
you will got ⬇️
  • Relieve low back pain

  • Better posture
  • Strengthen Immunity

  • Relieve stiffness

And also you'll strengthen ⬇️
  • Your back
    You'll make a reliable muscle corset
  • Shoulders
    Always confident movement without pain
  • Focus
    If you'll become consistent in training, you'll become consistent in deals
  • Self-confidence
    Realize your real potential
Oleksiy kononov
The program is 100% suitable for workouts at home
What exactly will you get
What awaits you inside
the program ⬇️
From simple to complex
Starting with the basics, each day you will further strengthen and stabilize your arms, wrists, and core.
Who will lead you by the hand to a handstand
All videos with visual notes
Will help easily track your progress
Chat of like-minded people where you can get inspiration and feedback

We are the Kononov family love ourselves, each other and an active environment


  • Oleksiy Kononov
    Gymnast | Артист Cirque du Soleil

    Hi, I’m Oleksiy Kononov — an Ukranian athlete and Cirque de Soleil artist. My profession is to do incredible stunts reminding myself and others that human possibilities are endless. I appreciate health and an active lifestyle.

  • Vika Kononova
    Fashion gymnast | Pilates trainer

    Hi, I am Vika Kononova, Master of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics, Certified Pilates Trainer.

    Sport, Fashion and Family are important to me.

    The dream is to involve as many girls as possible in a healthy lifestyle. Motivating by personal example.

    Are my values ​​close to you?

    So, I am your friend

...I spent hours in the gym, to learn how to control the body...
...times I have performed on Cirque du Soleil stage in Alegria Show...
...people went through my training programs...
We will improve ⬇️
The program is well-balanced in basic physical qualities
Orient yourself in space, control your body at the highest level
Raise Strength Indicators. Increase % Muscle Mass
Build a reliable muscle corset. Make your body fit and athletic
Remove muscle disbalance, remove pain and stiffness, straighten your shoulders
Oleksiy kononov
Spend With Ukraine to Stand With Ukraine

Recommendations ⬇️

I don’t like to shout about my successes, but I can’t afford it yet
Oksana Orobets
Once again, Kononov is surprised at how detailed each stage of the program is.

Having walked the path in 6 weeks, you will prepare your body physically, master important technical points, and overcome fear.

The program includes a huge number of leading exercises, which makes the learning process safe and interesting. For me personally, this is an important criterion for a cool training program. I recommend!
Vladimir Yaroshenko
Principal dancer at Polish National Ballet
I started to use Kononov program. A very simple and understandable methodology. Everything is sorted out on the shelves. There is a video with exercises, a description in an accessible language. As a professional ballet dancer, I am familiar with physical activity, but even after Oleksiy's training, I began to feel the body and muscles in a different way. I recommend.
Ivan Nastenko
IFBB - Europe champ | JJIF - Europe, World, World Games champ | BJJ Fight Sports - Purple belt.
When a tall house is being built, a correctly laid foundation is very important, the base on which the entire structure will be held. Kononov's programs are a solid foundation.

It can be seen that a huge layer of work has been done. Everything is scrupulously and intelligibly explained and after completing the program there are no questions, but you just want to continue training.
Taras Stepanenko
Player and Captain of FC Shakhtar and the Soccer National Team of Ukraine
It is very important for every athlete always keep fit and develop. The exercises offered by Oleksiy help to develop strength, flexibility and coordination, the most important things for athletes and everyone who care about his health! Oleksiy has a huge international experience of working with the best gymnasts in the world, and I am sure he will select a training program with proper development and progression for everyone 👍
Aleksandr Krykun
Olympic Medalist in Atlanta
I personally know Oleksiy Kononov. It's cool that he combines huge experience and fitness expertise. In my opinion, this is an excellent mix for a trainer. Therefore, I use it personally and can safely recommend it.
Petro Pakhniuk
Gymnastics European Medalist
At quarantine, sports at home are becoming increasingly important. If you are interested in professional advice and online training, then you should contact Oleksiy Kononov. His huge experience will help to get results in a short time, at home. I highly recommend Oleksiy Kononov.
Nathalie Royer
Cirque du Soleil HEAD PHYSIO
Performance Medicine
I've had the opportunity to work with Oleksiy for almost a year now. This has led to many discussions, exchange and observations. I can say with certainty that Oleksiy is dedicated to his work, not only as an acrobat but also as a professional conditioning coach. Once he has an idea in mind, he keeps focus while also being open and curious to suggestions or feedback. This is why I can truthfully recommend Oleksiy and encourage any work opportunity with him.
Marshall Nelson
Cirque du Soleil HEAD COACH
Coaching and Performance
Oleksiy Kononov is an incredible Artist for Cirque du Soleil. His passion and dedication for his craft has given him the ability to be highly successful in this challenging and often changing environment. Physical preparation and fitness are really the keys to success and longevity in this industry and Oleksiy's attention to detail in this regard is phenomenal. His motivation to pursue excellence, continue to educate himself, and share that experience with others is exactly what being an Artist with Cirque du Soleil is all about!
Yaroslav Soynikov
TRX Supervisor
Kononov, a great product that moves Ukrainian fitness forward! I recommend



Co-author of bestseller "7 habits of energy and health life"

Oleksiy , I want to thank you for what you are doing. Even just looking at what your body is doing, me personally, just emotionally charges and motivates. And most importantly, you give specific, methodically verified and personally hard-won tools for improving muscle shape. And your sketches, travels and, in general, your positive attitude to life, give a ray of hope in our not so cheerful post-Soviet routine. I respect athletes who want to achieve something in this life after sports. You endless energy, positive, new heights, and grateful followers.
Principles Kononov Team
The result is determined not by words, but by the number of completed workouts, approaches, repetitions
  • 1
    Step by step, from simple to complex
  • 2
    One program, one goal.
    Where is the focus, there is the result
  • 3
    An experience
    Leading exercises work, not hints
  • 4
    Every step must leave a mark
  • 5
    Each new exercise provokes the body to become stronger
  • 6
    Recovery Respect
    Recovery is an important part of the training process
Kononov Team Values
Improve health and sports skills with fun
☘️ Health
Main value, top priority
⏱ Progress
Every move opens up new possibilities
❤️ Pleasure
New features give a lot of fun
By purchasing the program, you will become stronger and help Ukraine survive in the fight for freedom.
If the marathon fails, or you won’t like me as a coach,
I'll refund your money no questions asked
I value mine and your time. If you understand that the program is not for you, you can stop at any time
I value my own and other people's money. If you understand that the price of the program is more than the value, I will return the money without question
The most important thing for me is a relationship that is based on mutual respect and benefit. I'll do my best to make you feel it

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Product from Ukraine

Your purchases will support us during the war

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