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➡️ Find relief from Piriformis syndrome pain
➡️ Regain comfortable squatting and sitting, and easy piking
➡️ Improve your posture for a better quality of life
➡️ Protect against back and knee injuries
➡️ Establish a regular exercise habit for ongoing health and wellness

21 practical session
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😩 Do you have low back pain?

Does the pain go from the buttock down to the leg? Are the injections no longer helping? Can't walk for a long time?

😠 Do you struggle with squatting or bending down?

Are you finding it difficult to tie your shoes or pick up boxes from the floor? Can't play with your kids?

🧑‍💻 Sit at the computer a lot?

Are Headache constantly? No energy? Vision loss? Bad dream? Can't straighten up in the morning? Can you feel life slowing down?

😢 Do injuries keep slowing you down?
Starting to get active but injuries holding you back? Do frequent injuries hinder your performance improvement?
Oleksiy kononov
The position of the pelvis plays an important role in the health of our back, and the mobility of the hips is directly linked to the position of the pelvis
Good Hip Mobility
Neutral Pelvic Tilt
Good Posture & Healthy Back
After completing the HIP MOBILITY CHALLENGE,
you will got ⬇️
  • Reduced back pain and discomfort

  • Better posture and alignment
  • Improved hip mobility and flexibility

  • Increased range of motion and freedom of movement

  • Stronger core muscles
  • Enhanced athletic performance and reduced risk of injury
Oleksiy kononov
Your hip mobility plays a crucial role in the way you walk and run, and can have a significant impact on the health of your knees joints
Good Hip Mobility
Good Walk & Run Technique
Healthy Knees Joints
Today Only 9$
Normally 99$
Just $0.33/class
  • Day 1️⃣ Hip Opening
    ⚪️ Begin to gently open and stretch the hip joints.
    ⚪️ Relieve tension and stiffness in the hip area.
    ⚪️ Establish the foundation for greater hip mobility.
  • Day 2️⃣ Hip Flexor Focus
    ⚪️ Target the hip flexors for improved flexibility.
    ⚪️ Learn exercises to alleviate tightness in this key area.
    ⚪️ Enhance your ability to perform deep hip movements.
  • Day 3️⃣ Glute Strengthening
    ⚪️ Strengthen the gluteal muscles for better hip support.
    ⚪️ Improve hip stability and power.
    ⚪️ Develop a balanced lower body strength.
  • Day 4️⃣ Dynamic Hip Mobility
    ⚪️ Incorporate dynamic movements to increase hip mobility.
    ⚪️ Enhance fluidity and range of motion in everyday activities.
    ⚪️ Learn to move your hips with ease and comfort.
  • Day 5️⃣ Lower Body Coordination
    ⚪️ Focus on coordinating the hips with the rest of the lower body.
    ⚪️ Improve overall leg function and agility.
    ⚪️ Enhance movement efficiency and grace.
  • Day 6️⃣ Hip Rotation Improvement
    ⚪️ Work on internal and external hip rotations.
    ⚪️ Increase rotational mobility for sports and daily activities.
    ⚪️ Improve hip joint health and longevity.
  • Day 7️⃣ Recovery
    ⚪️ Relax tense muscles and reduce stress.
    ⚪️ Promote energy recovery and mental calm.
    ⚪️ Increase body awareness and sensation.
  • Bonus Educational Content
    ⚪️ Understand what worsens posture.
    ⚪️ Learn what causes back pain.
    ⚪️ Find out how to fix it and maintain results permanently.
Today Only 9$
Normally 99$
Just $0.33/class


  • 😌 Reduced Stress and Anxiety:
    Engage in mindful physical practices to alleviate daily stress, inviting a state of calm and relaxation.
  • 🧘 Enhanced Body Awareness:
    Develop a heightened sense of body awareness and proprioception, allowing you to better understand and control your body in space.
  • ✨ Boosted Mood and Emotional Well-being:
    Experience an uplifted spirit and enhanced emotional well-being as you progress through the challenge, building confidence and achieving new milestones.
  • 😎 Boosted Self-Esteem:
    Achieve demanding milestones and see your improvement, stimulating a robust growth in self-confidence.
  • 💪 Increased Motivation and Commitment to a Healthy Lifestyle:
    The Challenge will inspire you to make healthier choices, both in your physical fitness journey and in other aspects of your life.
  • 🧠 Greater Mental Clarity and Focus:
    Sharpen your mind and improve cognitive function with the Challenge. Gain clarity and focus that extends beyond the physical practice, positively impacting other areas of your life.
Oleksiy kononov
After completing the program, you will feel better
  • Oleksiy Kononov
    Gymnast | Артист Cirque du Soleil

    🇺🇦 Champion of Ukraine

    ☀️ Cirque du Soleil Performer

    😅 Over 30 years of experience in gymnastics

    🥷 To date, 21,000 students have gone through my programs

    My profession is to perform incredible stunts, reminding myself and others that human potential is limitless.

    My mission is to involve as many people as possible in the world of gymnastics. I am convinced that gymnastics brings energy, and energetic people change the world for the better.

Who recommends us:

I don’t like to shout about my successes, but I can’t afford it yet
Ivan Zasadnyuk
Doctor (Candidate) of Medical Sciences
Orthopedic-Traumatologist of the Highest Category
A wonderful online platform for improving physical health and rehabilitation, created by a person who is 100% dedicated to their craft. I highly recommend Oleksiy Kononov
Oksana Orobets
Once again, Kononov is surprised at how detailed each stage of the program is.

Having walked the path in 6 weeks, you will prepare your body physically, master important technical points, and overcome fear.

The program includes a huge number of leading exercises, which makes the learning process safe and interesting. For me personally, this is an important criterion for a cool training program. I recommend!
Taras Stepanenko
Player and Captain of FC Shakhtar and the Soccer National Team of Ukraine
It is very important for every athlete always keep fit and develop. The exercises offered by Oleksiy help to develop strength, flexibility and coordination, the most important things for athletes and everyone who care about his health! Oleksiy has a huge international experience of working with the best gymnasts in the world, and I am sure he will select a training program with proper development and progression for everyone 👍
Aleksandr Krykun
Olympic Medalist in Atlanta
I personally know Oleksiy Kononov. It's cool that he combines huge experience and fitness expertise. In my opinion, this is an excellent mix for a trainer. Therefore, I use it personally and can safely recommend it.
Petro Pakhniuk
Gymnastics European Medalist
At quarantine, sports at home are becoming increasingly important. If you are interested in professional advice and online training, then you should contact Oleksiy Kononov. His huge experience will help to get results in a short time, at home. I highly recommend Oleksiy Kononov.
Nathalie Royer
Cirque du Soleil HEAD PHYSIO
Performance Medicine
I've had the opportunity to work with Oleksiy for almost a year now. This has led to many discussions, exchange and observations. I can say with certainty that Oleksiy is dedicated to his work, not only as an acrobat but also as a professional conditioning coach. Once he has an idea in mind, he keeps focus while also being open and curious to suggestions or feedback. This is why I can truthfully recommend Oleksiy and encourage any work opportunity with him.
Marshall Nelson
Cirque du Soleil HEAD COACH
Coaching and Performance
Oleksiy Kononov is an incredible Artist for Cirque du Soleil. His passion and dedication for his craft has given him the ability to be highly successful in this challenging and often changing environment. Physical preparation and fitness are really the keys to success and longevity in this industry and Oleksiy's attention to detail in this regard is phenomenal. His motivation to pursue excellence, continue to educate himself, and share that experience with others is exactly what being an Artist with Cirque du Soleil is all about!
Yaroslav Soynikov
TRX Supervisor
Kononov, a great product that moves Ukrainian fitness forward! I recommend



Co-author of bestseller "7 habits of energy and health life"

Oleksiy , I want to thank you for what you are doing. Even just looking at what your body is doing, me personally, just emotionally charges and motivates. And most importantly, you give specific, methodically verified and personally hard-won tools for improving muscle shape. And your sketches, travels and, in general, your positive attitude to life, give a ray of hope in our not so cheerful post-Soviet routine. I respect athletes who want to achieve something in this life after sports. You endless energy, positive, new heights, and grateful followers.
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